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Terms and Conditions

  1. Quotes are valid for 7 days unless stated differently.
  2. Duration of jobs is weather dependent.
  3. While every care is taken to look after the fish, Gheko Services does not accept responsibility for any sick or dying fish. Fish storage is at owners risk.
  4. Full payments needs to be done on day of completion of jobs.
  5. Full payments needs to be made prior arrival before or on day of installation for any custom made products, i.e. solar blankets, nets, solid covers, glass windows, mosaics, motives, steel products, or any other custom made product.
  6. Gheko Services does not take responsibility for incorrect measurements given by clients for and custom made products, i.e. solar blankets, nets, solid covers, glass windows, mosaics, motives, steel products, or any other custom made product.
  7. Deposits are non refundable.
  8. Deposit needs to be paid as stated per invoice.
  9. Payment of deposit will be considered as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
  10. No money is to be withheld for any reason whatsoever.
  11. Duration of jobs given to clients are only estimates. Penalty deductions from clients are not allowed.
  12. In regards to marbelite paint of a pool, the quote is subject to the marbelite in a good and fair condition.
  13. Our suppliers for fiberglass paint - NCS Resins, Add Resins, Atlin and KZN Resins - recommend the lighter fiberglass paint options for swimming pools for long lasting coloring. We recommend the same due to darker colors fading in our experience and cannot guarantee that the darker colors do not fade. Our recommendations are pool blue or white.
  14. Any mosaics replacements or new applications on fiberglass pools are fiberglass mosaic sheets unless stated differently in quote and/or invoice.
  15. Gheko Services is not responsible for the replacement of any tiles or pavings that have been damaged when doing repairs.
  16. Filling pools, ponds or jacuzzis after work has completed by Gheko Services is excluded in our work. Clients are reliable for refilling. This also includes for work done within warranty.
  17. A deposit of R5000 is required for any water bladder rented or provided.
  18. Whilst every precaution is taken when emptying a freestanding shell, if there is any water trapped underneath a shell or a high water table is found, this cannot be picked up before the water is taken out. Therefore any additional costs involved will have to be agreed by Gheko Services and the client before any work can be continued.
  19. In the event a shell of any kind pops out, comes loose from its original position due to the water being taken out of the shell for any renovation work or whatsoever, Gheko Services takes no responsibility thereof and it is the client's is responsibility for any additional payments.
  20. Gheko Services is not responsible for any damages that appear during renovation work due to the water being out of a shell or pool or pond or jacuzzi or due to filling a pool with water.
  21. Pools and ponds must be filled to the top permanently. No warranty will be given for pool constructions or renovations when pool wasn't filled permanently after completion of building or renovation project.
  22. Pools need to be filled to the top at any time. Otherwise there won't be any warranty for any damaged caused due to the paint or mosaics being dried out.
  23. It is the clients responsibility to fill the pool to the top prior arrival of our staff for once off cleanings, fortnightly or weekly or any other cleaning on pools, ponds and jacuzzis.
  24. Gheko Services won't be liable for any water bills whatsoever or supplies water unless unless arranged with client in writing prior starting date.
  25. All pool, pond and jacuzzi cleaning contracts have a one month cancellation period.
  26. Gheko Services will not take any responsibility for damages when we are not on site and caused by a third party.
  27. Guaranty and warranty only valid after full payment and from date of invoice.
  28. Pool equipment such as kreepies, pumps, filters, pool covers or any other goods supplied remain in the possession of Gheko Services until full payment has been made.
  29. We reserve the right to remove any equipment, without any legal recourse, if full payment is not received.
  30. Unless communicated differently, guaranties are as follows:
    • Fiberlining and paint: 3 years
    • Pool, pond and jacuzzi building: 5 years
    • Equipment such as new pumps, heat pumps, filters, heaters, blowers, UV filters: 2 years
    • Equipment such as thermostats, elements, transformers, air switches: 6 months
    • LED globes: 1 year
    • Solar panels: 2 years
    • Pipes and fittings: 3 months
  31. Our work is guaranteed as agreed. However, any abuse or negligence will result in this guaranty being cancelled.
  32. Warranties for pools, ponds, jacuzzis or any equipment thereof will not be transferred to new ownerships when selling properties, items or any equipment.
  33. Pool cover supplies and installations are subject to ground conditions, sufficient coping/paving. It is the client's responsibility that the coping and paving is not shifted by heavy weight from objects, animals, rain, persons or whatsoever. Automatic and manual pumps are available on request at costs to remove rain from the cover.
  34. Pool and pond nets and covers are there to minimize the risk of drowning. They do not guarantee at anytime that injury or drowning may occur. Please always be vigilant with pets, people and children around water. Gheko Services and its staff, owners, members, management etc. do not accept any liability for death, injury or any loss of property
    etc. whatsoever.
  35. The material, hooks, strips, equipment and the safety thereof for any pool cover installed by Gheko Services is at the suppliers risk.
  36. Any extra work requested by the client or repairs required due to damages caused by negligence or abuse (pre or post installation) will be charged at R250 p/hr (excl. materials).
  37. All instructions for extra or unforeseen work and/or materials must be submitted in writing via email. Work will only commence once we have received the written requests and a deposit has been paid.
  38. Electrical work is excluded in any of our work.
  39. Gheko Services has the right to use pictures of work on ponds, pools, jacuzzis, etc. for advertising and on website and social media.
  40. Terms and conditions take priority to any administrational errors made on any written or emailed documents.

Latest update: 27 February 2019                                                                                                                   Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.